📣 Staking Announcement Update 📣

Jan 25, 2022


Ahoy Fishers,

Stake with us, earn more.
Simple steps how to stake $FHTN:
1. Enter https://fishingtown.io/ and pick Staking.
2. Click Staking feature.
3. Connect your wallet
4. Pick your pool
5. Move to Pancakeswap and pick liquidity
6. Add your liquidity and LP-Token will show on your MetaMask wallet.
7. Move back to staking website, stake your token, and confirm.

Once staking is successful, users will continuously receive $FHTN and can claim by pressing the Harvest button.

PS. Staking guideline in details on Fishing Town Facebook! 🤑🤑🤑

Happy Staking! 🎣
Fishing town team 🐡




This sacred town is ready to open its gate and let everyone be on their grand adventure. Find your own fish species and be prosperous with the game! #GameFi