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Yutake or ゆたか

According to a legend that has been passed down for a million years, the beautiful village of Fishing Town was blessed by Nanami, the goddess of abundance and prosperity. Many fault lines were formed by the escapade of Yourith, the awful fish phantom, after the goddess Nanami and Yourith’s struggle. Those fault lines became a lake, sea, and river with a variety of fish. Nobody knew that this occurrence also resulted in the creation of two more amazing sites that no one had ever visited.

Yutaka forest is created from the ruins of a fight between the gods Nanami and Yorith, with the terrifying fish ghost decomposing into a fruitful field that produces a variety of plants. The second location is Taishoku Mountain, which was formed thousands of years ago from the remains of Yorith bone that had been deposited to form various minerals.

According to folklore, one day a fisherman set out to catch a fish that no one had ever seen before, so he sailed a long distance. Until he discovered an island, where he found a mysterious forest. It was densely forested with a variety of trees. Unlike any other forest he had ever seen, the forest was so dense that it couldn’t reach the sunshine. Both the remnants of an ancient civilization and the ruins of an extraterrestrial spaceship can be found in this forest. Despite the fact that the forest is so deep that sunlight cannot penetrate it, the trees inside thrived amazingly well.

He went for a walk in the woods and spotted a variety of trees. He had never seen trees like this before in his life. A ll kinds of trees, including bamboo, oak, maple, ebony, and spruce, were growing healthily within this forest amazed and excited him the most. Astonishingly, these trees were able to live in the same forest, despite the fact that each tree required a different environment to thrive, and they were surprisingly abundant in this woodland.

When the fisherman saw these trees, he decided to turn them into a fishing pole. Each tree was robust and long-lasting enough to be used into a fishing rod for uncommon or mythological fish. As a result, he fashioned a fish-bone axe. These trees were chopped by a chromium-iron axe. Strong fishing rods can be made using the materials obtained from chopping trees. They also used these pieces of wood to construct houses, restore the community, and construct boats for devil fishing. They are about to go on a new journey…


According to tradition, the struggle between the goddess Nanami and Yourith eliminated the terrifying fish phantom during the time. Mount Taishoku is the result of its skeleton. This mountain is the hub of the most valuable minerals and jewels that are impossible to obtain anywhere else, thanks to thousands of years of bone cementation. The peak is hidden by the Yutaka Woodland, a dense, exuberant forest that lacks sunshine. The only way to get to this peak is to first travel through the forest.

One day, a fisherman sails a boat from a remote hamlet in pursuit of undiscovered rare fish. He became disoriented in the Yutaka Forest. The fisherman was tired and thirsty, so he travelled far in search of a water source. When a fisherman entered, he noticed a stream pouring down from Mount Taishoku. He drank water from the creek as quickly as he could. While he came upon a new species of fish that he had never seen before, the fish was similar to others he had seen previously, but it sparkled.

When the fisherman spotted it, he decided to put it in a bucket of water and bring it to his town’s residents, but when he walked out, the fish did not shine. The fisherman was puzzled, and he pondered what had happened. The f ishermen want to know why fish sparkled in the first place. An earthquake struck as they were trying to figure out why. The Taishoku Rock Ore fell and splashed into the water bucket as a result of the shock, and the fish began to sparkle once more. He realized that the mineral stone from this mountain was the source of the fish’s radiance.

After that, the fisherman returned to the village and informed the residents of the incident. The villagers went to that mountain to mine, and the mountain was given the name Mineshoku. These minerals are used by villagers to create beautiful aquariums and to make the fish in the aquarium glow. These minerals are extremely durable and can be utilized as raw materials to reinforce fishing rods and tools.

The villagers can sell the minerals for money in addition to collecting them from the mine to create an aquarium, hooks, and other equipment. These minerals are incredibly expensive and in demand by people all over the world because they are minerals which are only discovered at this mine.

However, getting the minerals in this mine was difficult due to the mine’s extremely strong minerals. In order to extract more durable and valuable minerals in the mine, the villagers needed to find a unique pickaxe or strengthen it.

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