Partnership announcement! Fishing Town & DCT Capital

Fishing Town proud to present partnership with DCT Capital to become one of Fishing town’s Investor. We helps in marketing to Grow Dedicated Crypto Investors & Supporters Via Numerous Events, growth strategies for the projects and provide funding and operational / advisory support for Fishing town.

DCT Capital is a community driven blockchain and cryptocurrency capital that is dedicated to Raise Funds for Potential Projects at Early Stage, helps projects to grow supporters & increase crypto dedicated investors. Also, we connect the project with KOLs/influencer’s to support the project in long run, connect the project with experienced community managers to who loves to serve the community, and we will support the Project in Long run to reach at great height in crypto Space.

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This sacred town is ready to open its gate and let everyone be on their grand adventure. Find your own fish species and be prosperous with the game! #GameFi